Smoke Machines, Whipped Cream, Stepper Motors, Fake Snow, Cake Icing & Fire…

Were some of the ingredients involved in the 2014 graphics package for Diaries Downunder. Burn your jandals (aka thongs) and grab a bowl of chips (aka crisps) as we cruise through a montage of Kiwiana and vaguely-related snow iconography.

The majority of the animation was achieved in-camera. An Arduino-controlled clock and smoke machine provided movement for the opening shot.  Lower on the tech-scale were the kerosene and matches needed for the jandy-burning scene.

Full video to follow once the show goes live!

See below for process stills.

2 Producers: Ben Ryan & Nick Hyne
2 Concept / Art Direction / Photography / Animation: Lindsay Horner
2 Art Assistant: Stephanie McLeod

Clock prototype and stepper motor
Laptop with Arduino sketch controlling clock onscreen.
Paper cone used for icing mountains

Icing mountains

Map construction

Canon raw