Diaries Downunder 2015 – The Arts & Crafts in Blue Edition

I’ve been doing the titles for this show for so long I can’t quite recall when we began… maybe 2007? Always a good time, this year was a chance to play with some paper, plasticine and fur (all virtual of course).

I’ve been asked many times how the plasticine look works, so I thought I’d share the material. Requires Cinema 4D R16 and V-Ray 1.9. Scroll down for more info.

2 Producers: Ben Ryan & Nick Hyne
2 Art Direction / Modelling / Animation: Lindsay Horner


Download it here.

Requires Cinema 4D R16 and V-Ray 1.9.

This is a plasticine material I’ve been working on for a while. It’s based on an old write-up about creating a similar material in Maya that I found ages ago in some dark corner  of the internet. Much of the look relies on the objects the material is used on being modelled in a plasticine-like manner. The sculpting tools are ideal for this.

Note that this is a stripped back version of the scene, with only 1 light. I’ve also removed the overly-complicated Xpresso setup that was running Displace Deformer and replaced it with some looped keyframes.